CS Leader Quick Fire Q&A: Sam Bessant @ Adimo

Sam Bessant

Tell us about your company, role and what you're responsible for?

Head of Customer Success at Adimo - shoppable marketing solutions. Responsible for onboarding, renewing and expanding clients.

What advice would you like to share for aspiring leaders looking to deliver a world-class client experience?

It's a cliché but be proactive and stick to your promises. Set a culture within the team where this is expected internally and externally and where colleagues can be open and honest. If the accountability is there internally, this will translate into client relationships.

Are there common pitfalls that CS leaders need to be aware of as they scale?

Using very manual processes / over-servicing clients can serve a purpose when you're small but this doesn't scale. Up your game, use technology, get smart and work out how to deliver A* service without infinitely growing headcount.

How are you leveraging AI in your organisation? What are the opportunities and risks you see?

AI presents a huge opportunity for us to work smarter rather than harder. AI can do the heavy lifting with data analysis, note-taking, suggestions for account plans, etc and then the human team members can add the personality and extra context to this that enables smart delivery of client objectives. The main risk with AI is people getting lazy and letting it "do their job" when actually it should allow them to do their job BETTER by focussing on the really strategic actions.

What does the future of client service look like? What changes do you expect?

Clients will want more and more self-serve options that are available 24/7 so the role of CS will evolve to become even more strategic. Tech will take care of a lot of the day to day questions, meaning that team members can focus on ensuring the clients are lined up with the right tech and support to achieve their objectives. CS will maintain the human to human relationships, providing advice and guidance that acts as a differentiator to ensure your clients stay with you. They'll use tech to help spot opportunity and risk and build bespoke plans of action to suit the client.