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Client Service

Kaizan’s AI platform empowers Client Service teams to
increase the metrics they care most about; client
satisfaction, profitability, revenue, and their own
productivity & knowledge.

How the fastest growing Client Service teams are using AI…

“Kaizan provides a view of the real-time sentiment and service levels across our clients”
mark raymond
Mark Raymond
Anything Is Possible
“Our clients expect us to innovate and push them, and they’ve been excited about our use of technology like Kaizan”
gabriella krite
Gabriella Krite
Head of Operations,
The Kite Factory
“Kaizan improves our client interactions, which are the most valuable thing we have”
Samantha Bessant
Head of Customer Success,
“We’ve seen the sentiment of every client go up!”
hannah carthy
Hannah Carthy
“Kaizan is now fundamental to the team and managing client relationships”
Stephen Kerin
Scale Digital

A complete AI platform for Client Service teams

AI Assistant for CS Teams
An AI custom-built to optimise the metrics of Client-facing teams! Increase client sentiment, revenue and CS team productivity
AI Health Scoring for CS Leaders
Still only using Red, Amber, Green to measure client health? Build a true picture of risks and opportunities across your client base by applying AI to every interaction with every stakeholder
AI Agents for CS Companies
Use AI Agents to complete tasks on behalf of your clients and your team; save time, money and radically increase your teams capabilities

What do you want to improve?

Increase Client Satisfaction
Understand client sentiment trends holistically, and by stakeholder, product, initiative and course correct immediately
Increase Revenue
Automate client development plans that increase upselling, get notified when stakeholders aren’t being covered and if your products and services aren’t being upsold
Increase Productivity
Save your team hours on admin and updating systems. Kaizan’s AI writes notes, emails and can answer questions trained on your companies conversations and unique knowledge

Safe & Secure

Secure Integrations
Approved integrations partners of Microsoft and Google workspaces, API access to your favourite existing systems, and the ability for you to export your Kaizan data!
Privacy & Compliance
Kaizan complies with leading industry standards and regulations, including SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework. Regular audits and third-party assessments help us maintain and improve our security posture
Data Governance
Your data is not used for training our AI models. We ensure complete isolation of customer data from the data sets used to develop and enhance our generative AI capabilities
AI for your clients

Join the waitlist and be the first to offer
your clients an always-on, all-knowing,
autonomous AI CS Manager.


Our pricing plans ensure you can get set up quickly, see value fast, and scale with Kaizan without being worried about future costs
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AI health scoring
AI Agents; Unlimited Automations
AI Meeting Assistant; Unlimited Meetings & Emails
Unlimited Clients/Stakeholders
CSAT Feedback
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