A message from the founders

Client Service teams are fundamental to delivering value to clients, and in turn, delivering revenue growth for organisations. Their influence and skills shape the experiences and outcomes that define success for clients and organisations alike.

But Client Service teams have been underserved and neglected with tools to help them manage and scale clients. While Revenue & Conversation Intelligence technologies have grown, they’ve only been focused on Sales teams, and not the team with the ultimate responsibility; the team ensuring client sentiment and revenue continues to grow.

Kaizan is changing this with an AI first platform custom-built for Client Service teams. A Client Engagement Platform to automate tasks and recommend how to scale each client.

Our Mission? To deliver unlimited knowledge and productivity for Client Service teams.

We believe that the future Client Service lies at the intersection of human expertise and AI. The integration of AI into client relationship management will be a profound transformation that will redefine how companies deliver value to clients. At Kaizan, we want to shape this revolution and experience, we’re committed to empowering your teams with the tools they need in the AI era.

Our Client Engagement Platform is designed to automate the tasks that stop Client Service teams from being client-facing, and surface insights that help them manage each stakeholder and scale each client.

We are inspired by the potential of AI to augment the capabilities of Client Service teams and transform Professional Service industries. Our commitment is to lead this change with a relentless focus on innovation and our clients’ success.

Thank you.

Glen & Pravin

About Kaizan
Kaizan’s founding team have built, scaled and exited prior startups and acutely felt the challenge of optimising client facing teams in these startups, and scale-ups such as Facebook, OVO Group and Fnatic.

We’re backed by leading early-stage investors in AI and SaaS; Jigsaw, Love Ventures, Charlotte St Capital, Founders Factory and supported by notable angels from Entrepreneur First, NICE, Silicon Roundabout Ventures, MIQ & Criteo.

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