Simple, transparent pricing

Our pricing plans ensure you can get set up quickly, see value fast, and scale with Kaizan without being worried about future costs
AI Health Scoring
AI Agents; Unlimited Automations
AI Meeting Assistant; Unlimited Meetings & Emails
Unlimited Clients/Stakeholders
CSAT Feedback
Integrations with your existing tools & data export
Live support
Coming Soon; Your autonomous CS Manager
Small Teams
Max 15 users

Teams looking to save 75 hours a week on admin and start using AI to increase client satisfaction and revenue

Medium Teams
Max 40 users

Teams looking to save 200 hours a week on admin and use AI Agents to increase client satisfaction and revenue

Large Teams
Max 100 users

Teams looking to save 500 hours a week on admin and get total visibility on client & revenue health

Over 100 users

Enterprises that want to bring their own models, build custom modules and have bespoke integrations

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Go live in under 24 hours! Ensure you’re retaining that key client, automating admin, and upselling that new initiative with an AI custom-built for Client Service professionals.


Do you offer pilots?
Our contracts come with a 30 day pilot for you to evaluate the value you’re receiving.
Do you offer support?
Absolutely, every client benefits from dedicated live support and enablement to ensure you’re maximising the value and ROI of Kaizan.
How secure is Kaizan?
Your data security and privacy is paramount and a priority to us. Our internal systems, processes, protocols and compliance across the platform mean you can be safe in the knowledge all efforts are taken to keep your data secure. Please visit our Trust Centre for the latest information regarding our accreditations and protocols.
What information do I need to share with clients when using Kaizan?
Your clients benefit from the shared AI output, insights, action items and summaries from all the communication between your CS team and clients. Your clients have control over the use of the AI Assistant, and our customers proactively tell clients they’re using AI to optimise the service being delivered.

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