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AI unlocks a new way to deliver exceptional service to clients. Kaizan’s Client Engagement Platform provides Client Service Managers the ability to maximise revenue, productivity and client satisfaction, CS Leaders get an unrivalled view of client health, and Professional Service organisations can train AI Agents that transform how they deliver value to clients.

AI Assistant For CS Teams

AI Meeting Assistant
Focus on the client. Kaizan will take care of your admin. Configure an AI Meeting Assistant for your company that takes notes, tracks actions and measures sentiment of your clients, products, services and key initiatives
Chatbot & Search
Get the info you need immediately. Answers to client questions and your queries based on the data inside your company’s conversations!
Emails generated based on the history of comms your company’s had with that stakeholder! Let Kaizan write your follow-ups, agendas, and catch-up emails

AI Client Health Tracking

AI Health Scoring
Still relying on adhoc Red, Amber, Green client health scores? Kaizan’s AI assesses every factor that relates to the health of a relationship and provides recommendations to improve it
Risk Alerts
Enhance your insights on clients with alerts when clients are off track, and send automated CSAT Feedback emails to the stakeholders who’s opinions you’d like to hear from
Advanced Reporting
Measure the KPI’s that increase client satisfaction and revenue, so you can deliver exceptional client service ahead of the competition and show clients how serious you take their business!

AI Agents

Train your AI
Customise your AI to understand your unique products, services and potential risks to give you the richest insights on clients, stakeholders and revenue
Push and pull data between Kaizan and your existing systems; CRM’s, chat, project management, BI tools
Recommendations & Automations
Bespoke recommendations and automations on each client that increase client coverage, satisfaction, services adoption and revenue!
AI for your clients

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Holly Lucas
Holly Lucas
Head of Client Partnerships,
Anything is Possible
“It saves us so much time on the lower value tasks, and provides data points to understand if we’re delivering client SLA’s”

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