CS Leader Quick Fire Q&A: Mark Raymond @ Anything is Possible

Mark Raymond
Anything is Possible

Tell us about your company, role and what you're responsible for?

I'm the co-founder of Anything is Possible - a media, creative and tech agency. I head up the client management team in the agency.

What advice would you like to share for aspiring leaders looking to deliver a world-class client experience?

Make it as easy and frictionless as possible clients to work with us. Ensure consistency and quality across every touch point and interaction, with a relentless focus on delivering effectiveness

Are there common pitfalls that CS leaders need to be aware of as they scale?

Consistency and foundational processes are hard to manage through rapid growth.

How are you leveraging AI in your organisation? What are the opportunities and risks you see?

We automate everything we can, minimising time from our teams on repetitive tasks and low cognition work, maximising time on high cognition work and adding expertise and value to clients.

What does the future of client service look like? What changes do you expect?

Linked to the last question - cutting out all the admin and low value tasks to our client leaders can maximise the value they add, acting as consultants to our clients.