QA Engineer

About Us

We’re entering an era where client relationships are managed digitally. Kaizan is building an ambient AI to optimise and empower Client Success teams to manage multiple clients, provide best-in-class service, and scale revenue.

Kaizan's founding team have built and scaled multi-million ARR products at Facebook, OVO Energy, Fnatic and Affectv, and have always witnessed the same challenge; retaining and growing clients is critical, but there isn’t a product built specifically for CS teams. Our investors, domain experts in AI, SaaS and VC, have also acutely seen this pain with their experience across Entrepreneur First, Founders Factory, Ledger, Silicon Roundabout Ventures and MiQ.

Recent advances in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing mean that we are finally able to build an AI that reads, writes, shares and suggests what each Client Success Manager can do to manage multiple clients, provide best-in-class service, and scale each client.

We’re looking for people passionate about augmenting the abilities of people at work, and to be responsible for building products that define how people will interface with AI. You’ll work closely with our founders to define an ethical framework to guide our AI and future product development.

What will you be doing?

As part of the core team, you will have a significant influence on the direction of the business and will:

  • Build and define the QA function - You will be developing a complete QA program that not only safeguards the quality of our products, but also fosters a “quality culture,” in which all employees become actively engaged in guaranteeing quality in both production and the finished product from the ideation of new features to their release. You will work closely within a product team (engineering, product and design) and engage in the early stage of feature conception.
  • Own product quality - As the gatekeeper of what software changes go to production, your role is pivotal on how users experience our product. You will be creating detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test cases.You will be designing and writing automation scripts using testing tools and frameworks as well as doing explorative testing to find new bugs and regressions.
  • Grow our team - Everyone on the early team plays an important role in attracting, closing, and growing other talented team members. The biggest factor in our ability to build amazing products is the team, so we look to you to help set the example for the kind of team we all want to build together.

Is this job for you?

  • Self-starter - As the first hire in a QA position you will need to be able to set the tone of the company’s direction in terms of QA. You will have the support of the engineering team the position is attached to.
  • Product focused - We are looking for people who are interesting in using their knowledge and skills to build a product and iterate on this product with the goal of disrupting an industry. You will need to be, well organised, methodical, attentive to details and understand our users so we can bring them the best experience possible.
  • Problem solver - We are looking for someone who isn’t afraid to dip their toes into unfamiliar territory. We are building a complex product with technical challenges, complex interactions and using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing which represent a challenge to be tested.
  • Prior experience - We are looking for people who have:
  • Experience developing a QA program around a product (test plans, regression testing, monitoring the product quality, managing bugs...);
  • Experience automating tests in complex environments using frameworks for automation such as Selenium or Cypress;
  • Good understanding of the different testing strategies that can be applied to software;
  • Good knowledge of a programming language;
  • Good understanding of how the Back-End and a Front-End work and interact;
  • Senior role - This is a senior role. We are looking for people who have been there and done it so that they can help us choose the shortest successful paths while avoiding meaningless cycles.We’re looking for people who have a comprehensive knowledge of quality assurance for digital products. And who would be comfortable leading and motivating a small team of QA engineers in the future, and who can help attract, mentor and grow their team.
  • Track record - We are looking for people who can demonstrate how they have helped improving and maintaining the quality of a product over time.

Our engineering values

  • Pragmatism - We always try to find the right balance between moving fast and building for the future. We always keep the context in which we are in mind when making decisions and value solutions and technologies that we can prove to work for us.
  • Keeping things simple - We aim to build things that are elegant and simple. Software can be complex but should not be complicated.
  • Software Quality and Craftsmanship - We have a strong focus on software maintainability, sustainability (over time and at scale) and reliability. What we develop adds value to the product we are building and is well tested. We care about all users experience our software, including ourselves as developers. We use the right tools to ship code with confidence it works and to know when it breaks.

Bonus points if

  • You have worked on projects including a browser extension
  • You have some SQL knowledge and know how to query data in a database
  • You have some experience developing some unit, system tests or integration tests
  • You have worked on a project involving Machine Learning or Natural Language Processing
  • You have some knowledge in TypeScript and/or Python.

What you get in return

In addition to a base salary of £40,000-£60,000 (depending on experience) and meaningful stock options, you will get to

  • Work in an exciting field with team members who are experts in their domain.
  • Shape the QA function at Kaizan.
  • Work in a flexible, remote-first environment with zero red-tape.